Hello, I am Justinas Jurčiukonis, founder of www.Justinas.tk

I'm web developer from Lithuania. My main aim is PHP programming language in Back-End and jQuery/Html/LESS in Front-End.

I have more than 4 years experience actively working in web platform.
Main technologies that I use every day includes

  • Back-End
    • Kohana framework
    • Yii framework
    • CMS Made Simple content management system
    • OpenCart e-commerce content management system
    • Amazon Web Service
      • ElasticBeanstalk
      • CloudSearch
      • DynamoDB
      • S3 / CloudFront
    • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • MySql (PDO)
    • RegEx`es
  • Front-End
    • Bootstrap framework
    • CSS / LESS
    • jQuery / jQuery UI / JS

You can check all of my personal works visiting "Websites" page.
Also this site is made entirely by me. It's mini-framework based on PHP OOP structure using SEO optimisations.

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