HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. That means it's not programming language, you just tell browser what elements structure you have. You can imagine HTML as boxes inside boxes inside boxes (and so on). Everything in HTML are shaped as r
Sometimes you must display server name in real time. This time may be different that the one user sees on it's device. For this example you need PHP, JS and jQuery. Lets start with displaying current server time Current server time is
If you want to use only www-enabled website, you can use .htaccess to make it possible. Why it's so important? SEO. Google will see your and as two different websites and mar them as duplicate content. Session,
It's only few commands to import MySql file via command line in Windows. First of all, make sure that you have installed and set up MySql. Now go to terminal (command prompt). Run... > cmd Type in mysql -uUsername -pPassword wh
I will show simple code snippet to delete multiple Cloud Search indexes at once usin AWS PHP API (version 2013-01-01) without explicity defining indexes names. With current version of AWS PHP API you can only delete one index at the time AND you
To check if remote file exist or not using PHP you can use cUrl to check it's response code and by that you can tell if remote file exist or not. First we will initialize our cUrl with curl_init. $ch = curl_init('